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About Us


“The procurement and provision of food”

It could follow therefore that, if you were to warm up a tin of baked beans, pour them onto a piece of hot buttered toast and sit yourself down in front of the telly you would be, by definition, a caterer. Hmmmmmm – if only it were that easy...

Catering, as defined in our book

The professional planning and execution of an event from inception to conclusion; compiling inspired menus; advising, assisting, fine tuning; co–ordinating kitchen, contractors and costs; purchasing of fresh foods, its preparation and presentation; managing the event supported by friendly personnel; above all, to provide a result that surpasses all expectations.

Yep – that’s more like it.

Established back in the last century, 1981 to be precise, we’ve collected most of the ‘t’ shirts to be had in this industry so our experience is second to none. We are not just about producing fabulous food though – we’ll all about providing a friendly, flexible and thoroughly professional service to ensure that each and every occasion is the success our clients, and their guests, would wish it to be.