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A Sample

Cocktail Reception Menu

Cold Items

Tiny parcel of Scottish smoked salmon wrapped around a quenelle of smoked trout parfait decorated with crème fraiche and dill

Miniature French crepe rolled with a julienne of roast duck, scallion, carrot and cucumber offered with Hoisin sauce to dip

Basket of filo pastry filled with Roquefort cheese and grapes
sprinkled with chopped walnuts

Hot Items

Queen scallop
wrapped in wafer thin pancetta

Bangers and mash

(cocktail sausage presented on a dollop of mashed potato itself sitting on a crostini spread with a little mustard)

Small ‘tournedos’ of Hampshire lamb fillet, roasted pink
presented on a croute with mushroom pate topped with redcurrant jelly

Monkfish tail with a sweet chili glaze
presented on a skewer of rosemary

Haggis and Neeps
presented in a toasted bread cup