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These are varied and extensive and, being the appointed caterers to a popular and busy London venue, we keep very much in touch with food trends. This means that we are able to propose menus that are considered to be ‘in vogue’ as well as menus which are perhaps, slightly more ‘traditional’. Nothing is written in stone though – a client’s wish is our command.


“You eat with your eyes” – a bit cliché but true, so food presentation is hugely important to us. That said, we do not subscribe to the concept of a ‘chef’s ego trip on a plate’. Apart from wanting to ensure you receive value for money, we would not want you to have to pick up a pizza on the way home.


We take the view that to prepare a meal for two or four people is no reflection at all on the ability to be able to prepare a menu for a much larger number. Indeed, to select a caterer on the basis of a good tasting for just a few people could be asking for trouble. We therefore consider tastings to be of little or no value and accordingly we would rather not offer them as an option.