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A Sample

Wedding Reception Menu

Cold Items

Triangles of oak smoked salmon
presented on granary brown bread with lemon zest and cracked pepper

Tiny filo basket filled with a salad of duck, carrot, cucumber and scallions drizzled with plum sauce

Quail eggs presented in a nest of puff pastry offered with celery salt

Miniature rondelle of fresh goat’s cheese presented on a garlic scented croute and sprinkled with diced green peppers

Asparagus spear wrapped with Bresaola

Hot Items

Hampshire Cumberland cocktail sausages cooked in honey and rosemary
offered with whole grain mustard to dip


(potato, farmhouse cheddar, spring onion, hint of garlic wrapped and baked in a triangle of puff pastry)

Tiny Yorkshire pud with a smattering of horseradish
and draped with a slice of rare roasted Hampshire farmed beef fillet

Fish and Chips

(little paper cone filled with breaded scampi and matchstick chips)

Brie and cranberry wonton

Sweet Items

Miniature scones topped with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam

Platter of cut tropical fruits laced with Grand Marnier